The most popular styles of ankle booties today are tall “riding boots” and shorter “ankle booties”. These boots come in all types of textures and prints, popular materials being leather and suede.

Ankle boots also remained very popular and in the latter part of the first decade knee-length styles worn over pants, especially jeans were common. In 2009 thigh-length boots were a subject of major attention by the fashion press, receiving guarded approval and a level of mainstream acceptance that they had never previously achieved; this trend continued in 2010 and by the following year over-the-knee styles had become commonplace.

Ankle Booties

The defining character of the boot is the length of the shaft. Ankle booties generally have a shaft height of less than 8 inches.

A variety of fasteners are seen in fashion boots. Laces are commonly used in ankle boots, but are too time-consuming for longer styles. Zip fasteners are widely employed in all styles of boot – they may run the entire length of the shaft, or just the ankle and lower calf – these partial-length zips make it easier to insert the foot into the toe of the boot by relaxing the fit around the ankle.

ankle booties