Ankle Wrap Heels

When it comes to shoes, styles seem to come and go with the times. What is fashionable one day is history the next. However, when it comes to certain styles they just never seem to fade away.

One of the more traditional types of fashionable women’s shoes is ankle wrap heels offers a classic, yet somehow new and fresh look.

The idea of ankle wraps for women’s shoes includes types other than pumps and even extends to sandals. it is the heels where ankle wraps have had their biggest impact over the years and today there are more choices than ever.

Ankle Wrap Heels

This is a pump shoe that features an additional wrap around the ankle area. Different designs that include the buckle attaching at the front or back of the ankle in addition to the amount of material that is used.

This type of pump shoe may have ankle cuffs, buckles or zipper closures that mimic the appearance of ankle booties. In addition to the different styles, this type of shoe is also made from different materials as well that range from synthetic to natural.

Benefits of Having Ankle Wrap Heels

There are a number of benefits to wearing this particular type of pump, especially when it comes in styles and colors that compliment your wardrobe choices.

Sexy: The way the shoe compliments the leg, especially when wearing a short skirt can create a sexy look that is hard to forget. In fact, there is something quite alluring that this particular type of heel brings several different wardrobe choices.

Professional: Although sexy, there are particular designs that offer a more professional appearance.

Versatile: This type of shoe is well made for many different occasions from casual settings to professional. In fact, they look great when paired with denim or a skirt.

Their versatility is such that owning a few pairs can compliment most of your wardrobe and fit the occasion whether you are heading to the office or a night out on the town.

Ankle wrap heels also provide a bit of security when wearing pumps as the upper ankle attachment serves as a means of helping to lift the heel off the floor. Much like how high top sneakers provide an additional sense of security, so too does wearing an ankle wrap for your pumps.

You can find a wide variety of ankle wraps and the different types of heels that they compliment. For those who are looking for a more professional appearance at work or want to spice up their wardrobe for a night out on the town, there are few shoes that can do both as well as ankle wrap heels.

ankle wrap heels

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