Combat Cutie Costume! Once you slip into this Commando Costume, you’ll look like you are part of an elite worldwide military force.

Army Halloween Costume

Costume parties and Halloween give you the opportunity to dress up to guide to army costumes should help you select the perfect look for dressing up like your role models from the military.


Combat Cutie Costume

It’s time to enlist for a Halloween adventure – Join the troops in this sassy Combat Cutie Costume. The camouflage tank dress features a white top and red stars and a badge detail on the bust.


Combat Cutie Costume


Bullet Belt With Pouch

This is the perfect belt for any armed forces or police costume because it will make you look and feel powerful.

Complete your costume and keep your hands free for fun.  With this authentic looking Bullet Belt complete with handy black Pouch.
  • The bullet belt features an attached black pouch

This costume add on is perfect for you to show off.