Open Toe Black Heels! Generally speaking, during winter women prefer close toe shoes… reason is the weather and since most women wear them, the ones not wearing feel out of place. But again it is not a rule that you must wear close toe shoes in winter.


Open Toe Black Heels

Wearing open-toe Heels  in the winter can be controversial. Some people argue that it’s a fashion rule that’s meant to broken. If you really want to wear open toe shoes in the winter, says, “Go for it.


Bumper Lexus-58 Floral Peep Toe Black

This eye-catching Open Toe Black Heels takes glamour to new heights! It features a Lycra fabric upper, cut out design, patent strap and faux suede floral accent, tribute platform, and wrapped heel. Finished with padded insole and easy slip on style.

~Material: Lycra Fabric (man-made)
~Sole: Synthetic

Bumper Lexus-58 Floral Peep Toe Black