Spandex leggings also have a significant strength. They have the ability to return to the original shape after stretching and faster drying than ordinary fabrics.

Leggings are also called girl’s best friend. They are a very versatile wardrobe that gives comfort, slimming effects, and fashion.

It is important that you take care of your lycra leggings. They are handmade with love and need to be taken care of with love. Spandex also known by the brand name Lycra puts the stretch in workout wear. The synthetic fabric can expand to nearly 600 percent of its size, offers an unrestricted range of motion, and then snaps back in place. Spandex is also breathable, wicks moisture, and dries quickly.


Spandex Leggings

Lycra leggings are usually mixed with cotton or polyester and account for a small percentage of the final material, which therefore preserves most of the look and feel of the other fibers.

If you are going to wear your spandex leggings to the gym, pair them with a sports bra, racerback tank or a t-shirt.

Spandex Leggings

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