Warm Winter Boots

It’s the time of year and the weather outside is turning colder and colder. It’s time to bring out my warm winter boots. I have two pairs of warm winter boots. One pair is white and the other is navy. I love to wear my white warm winter boots on a cold winter day here in New York. I decided to head out to the mall today and check things out. I love to go to where there are many people . I just love to people watch and see what is going on. I decided to wear my leggings with my white warm winter boots.

Warm winter boots at the mall

I got to the mall and was surprised it wasn’t more busy but at least I was able to get a few things and people watch. I decided to get a new pair of leggings and a new pair of Navy warm winter boots at the mall this afternoon. It is interesting to look at what people are wearing and what fashion people decide to choose. With the weather being warmer then usual people are dressing lighter. Usually at this time of year people are wearing heavy coats and boots. Today the weather is once again in the 50’s and people are dressing all over the place. You see some people wearing warm winter boots and others are just wearing sandals and a long sleeve shirt. I also noticed that a lot of people are wearing the chevron style pattern. Today I saw some chevron leggings and chevron sweaters. As you can tell this time of year people are all over the place on what they want to wear and what feels comfortable to them to wear with the weather being so warm one day and then freezing cold a day or two later.


What type of clothes are you wearing ? I guess it really does depend where you live. If you live in a warm climate I assume you are not wearing warm weather clothes lol I look forward to reading your responses.

warm winter boots