White Open Side Booties! You have probably seen the cute booties in magazines, on celebrities or in your favorite fashion blogs. Maybe you even bought a pair thinking, “they are white they will go with everything!”

White Open booties are not a new trend. They’re just like all the other trends. One minute their in and the next people toss them to the back of their closets for a few years. I couldn’t help but wonder why there was an interest in them again


White Open Side Booties

When you’re getting ready for a night in a club the main intention should be to make yourself look sexy and eye catching.

Classic White Open Side Booties. We’re right there with you. There is a reason this iteration never goes out of style with its cool, goes-with-everything nature. These booties are perfect for any occasion because of their versatility. Open side footwear are very comfortable and will afford you that great look. Taking a look in your closet these white booties are a perfect match for almost everything in your closet. What are your thoughts on White booties? We look forward to hearing from you soon.

White Open Side Booties

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